PhD Students

   The following graduate students are currently working in their PhD Thesis as members of the SDG-UPM research group:


Hodei Urrutxua

   Hodei Urrutxua is a PhD canditate in Aerospace Engineering. His research experience up to date mainly focuses on Rotating Space Tethers Dynamics, Lunar Frozen Orbits, Precise Orbit Propagation and Numerical Simulations of Dynamical Systems. He is currently doing his PhD thesis in the Technical University of Madrid on "High Fidelity Models for NEO Dynamics" [+]


Fernando R. Lucas

   Fernando Rodríguez is a PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering in the Technical University of Madrid. He is doing his PhD thesis on the "Analysis and Simulation of Space Tether Dynamics", being Tethered Satellite Systems, Space Dynamics, and Numerical Simulation of Dynamical Systems, his main areas of interest.
   He combines his research activity with working in Empresarios Agrupados, a private company; as a member of the EcosimPro Development Team, he collaborates in activities related with Simulation of Continuous Systems, Mathematical Optimization, and Modelling of Space and Aeronautical Propulsion Systems.


Juan Luis Gonzalo

   Juan Luis Gonzalo is a PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering in the UPM. During the last years he has taken part in several projects within the university, mainly in fields related to numerical aerodynamics and optimization, and his current research within SDG primarily focuses on the optimal control of low thrust space trajectories using the DROMO regularization method.


Davide Amato

   Davide Amato is a PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering. He is currently doing his PhD thesis in the context of the Stardust Marie Curie Initial Training Network. He works on advanced regularized formulations for orbital dynamics to be applied in high-fidelity orbit propagation and determination for asteroids and space debris.

His background is in orbital mechanics, mission and performance analysis, and numerical methods.


Javier Roa

   Javier Roa is a PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering. His research mainly focuses on relative motion in space, having studied in detail the spacecraft formation flying problem and the extension of DROMO to relative motion. He deals both with analytical formulation and numerical simulations. He is working within the framework of the La Caixa doctoral grant. [+]


Virginia Raposo Pulido

   Virginia Raposo Pulido is a PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering at UPM. She is doing her PhD thesis on the ‘Dynamic analysis, advanced orbital propagation and simulation of complex space systems’, focused on the use of regularized propagators in orbital determination problems. Her research experience has been related with the space geodetic technique VLBI, assessing the stability of the Celestial Reference Frame (CRF) and investigating the systematics in the apparent proper motions of radio source positions.