Permanent Members

   The SDG-UPM research group permanent members currently consist on the following professors and researchers:


Jesús Peláez

   Jesus Peláez is professor of Aerospace Engineering, head of the SDG and Director of the UPM Master in Space Technology. He has published about 30 papers in JCR-ranked journals and more than 60 conference proceedings. He has been visiting scientist at Harvard and Michigan Universities. He has 30-years expertise in Space Dynamics, Tethers and Orbit Propagation. He is referee of several international journals, Spanish Research Agencies and the European Research Council.

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Claudio Bombardelli

   Claudio Bombardelli is a senior researcher in Space Science and Technology, with 12 years of research experience in space dynamics, mission analysis, and advanced space technologies. He has published 22 papers in peer reviewed ISI-recognized journals and more than 30 papers in conference proceedings. He has been research fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the European Space Agency and was recently awarded a prestigious "Ramón y Cajal" fellowship from the Spanish ministry of education. He filed a patent on the Ion Beam Shepherd (IBS) technology in 2010 as a first inventor [+]


Martín Lara

   Martin Lara is an independent consultant in astrodynamics. Previously, he headed the Celestial Mechanics department of the Real Observatorio de la Armada for 15 years. He has published more than 50 papers in peer reviewed journals, and more than 100 in conference proceedings. He serves as usual reviewer in different astrodynamics and celestial mechanics journals, and as eventual advisor of the Spanish System for Fostering Research [+]


Manuel Ruiz Delgado

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Oscar López Rebollal

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Manuel Sanjurjo-Rivo

   Manuel Sanjurjo-Rivo is a visiting professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His main areas of interest are electrodynamic tethers, space dynamics and mission  analysis. He awarded a FPI grant for the development of his PhD. During his PhD, he gets two predoctoral stages: at the University of Colorado at Boulder and at the Observatôire de la Côte d'Azur at Grasse. He has acted as a reviewer of the Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics.


Jose Manuel Hedo Rodriguez

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